School of Humanities and Foreign Languages

Established in December 2017, School of Humanities and Foreign Languages grows out of the former School of Foreign Languages (established in 1994)and three undergraduate majors of the former School of Humanities and Social Sciences (established in 2005). The School presently offers three Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs in English, Japanese, and Network and New Media, and one Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) program in Social Work. Two directions based on school-enterprise cooperation are also set for BA programs in English (Cross-border E-commerce) and Japanese (International Domain). Besides, the School added three master programs, namely, the Master of Social Work (MSW), the Master of Translation and Interpretation (MTI), and the Master of Journalism and Communication (MJC). Furthermore, the School has been authorized to offer the provincial first-class discipline of the BA program in English in Shandong Province. The BA program in Network and New Media has been elected as one of the first batches of New Liberal Arts majors at Qingdao University of Technology (QUT). Totally, the School has four departments for teaching and research and two teaching sections for English teaching for non-English majors.

At present, there are 137 faculty membersin the School, includin gone entitled as the NationalOutstandingTeacher,one entitled as theShandongDistinguishedTeacher,three elected asShandong Harmony Representatives,one elected as a member of Qingdao Top-notch Talent program,four elected as members of Qingdao West Coast New Area Top-notch Talent program,two entitled as Qingdao West Coast New Area Distinguished Young Talents, and two appointed the distinguished professorship in “Richard Wilhelm Program” of QUT.In recent years, nearly 80% ofthe faculty inforeign language shave gone abroad for exchange visits or Ph.D. programs. There are more than 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students in theSchool.

Thanks to the strong teaching and research atmosphere,School of Humanities and Foreign Languageshas built one research project at the municipal level and seven at the level of QUT. There are 11 teaching and research teams. In the aspect of teaching, the School has three first-class courses at the provincial level of Shandong Province and five courses set on the Platform of Higher Learning Online Open Courses in Shandong. Apart from teaching, since 2019, the faculty members have undertaken three research projects from the National Social Science Fund of China, two from China’s Ministry of Education,and over 100 projects of research and teaching at provincial, ministerial, and municipal levels. In addition, the faculty members have also published over 160 research papers and more than 50 academic monographs, textbooks, works of translation, etc.

The School has excellent conditions and rich recourses for both teaching and study. With an area of nearly 2,000 square meters and equipment worth more than CNY 8 million, the Center of Humanities and Languages fully meet the learning needs of undergraduates in foreign languages and other majors, as well as for those candidates for the master’s degree.

Upholding the principles of “the people-centered philosophy, vital importance attached to connotation, reinforcement of distinctiveness of humanities, and acceleration of development”, School of Humanities and Foreign Languages has highlighted humanistic and international characteristics and strived to improve students’ humanistic qualities and broaden their international horizons.In the past three years,the School has won more than 100 awards at national and provincial levels, including prizes and awards from Undergraduates for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Advertising Art Design Competitions for College Students, and English Speaking Competitions, etc.In recent yearsover 100 students who sat for the national postgraduate entrance exam were able to get admission to the graduate programs of many famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Fudan University, etc, and more than 100 students have been abroad for further study.